Who we are

The Don Haig Award was established in 2002 by Don’s life companion Bill Schultz, his family, colleagues, and the filmmakers he so vigorously supported. Together, they started the Don Haig Award.

The annual award is given to a documentary filmmaker. The award is the legacy of Don and a unique opportunity for members of the Canadian film and television community to “give back” in his spirit.

On February 6, 2006, the Don Haig Award Committee announced a new partnership with the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in which Hot Docs became our partner and our home for the Don Haig Award.

And, in 2009 the Don Haig Foundation and Hot Docs partnered with the documentary Channel. They graciously donated $20,000 for five years and the award is now presented by documentary -the documentary channel owned by the CBC.

Joan Schafer and Bill Schultz share the Chair of the Don Haig Award as well as take care of the foundation and with great help from Hot Docs (Jennifer Hobbs Tworkowski) and documentary – the award.